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SMOKE DETECTORS;Reminder that home smoke detectors should be tested monthly and the batteries should be replaced every 6 months. 
CO DETECTORS; Carbon Monoxide detectors are recommended for use in any residence that has gas heat/appliances or wood/pellet burning stoves. Carbon Monoxide is a toxic gas released when incomplete combustions occurs in fuel burning appliances. This could be caused by a faulty piece of equipment, ventilation that is being blocked or other types of failures. CO detectors should be installed and tested according to the manufacturers recommendations.
BURN PERMIT CHANGE; The application process for burn permits has changed, be sure to read all of the info on the Burn Permits page

Special Burn Permits

Burning on forest land, range lands, in forest protective districts or crop burning require special burn permits. Idaho Title 38 requires you to contact the appropriate state agency regarding such burning. You may visit; BurnPermits.Idaho.Gov to complete a burn permit request for those areas. 





As of September 21st, 2017

Open Burning Permitted

There are no current burn restriction in effect. 


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